Future Rising,

Jewett, Texas

" The ranch is honored by their presence; here is their true home and place", Johann Eyfells, sculptor, during his presenting the sculptures to the Ranch.

Jewett, Texas " The Sculpture Capitol of Texas", is a rural city challenged by modern economic pressures. The Jewett Community Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce have made their "Leon Country Sculpture Trail" an economic engine for their future while promoting modern sculpture. "Future Rising" celebrates Jewett's effort.

Mother and Father Guardians 

The Sculpture Ranch, Johnson City, Texas

Stationed by the Ranch entry The Guardians stand in protection of the ranch and sculpture with in as did their predecessor guardian lions served in Imperial China.

To create Worlds of Knowledge for the main entry for El Centro College, Michelle worked with the school culture; students designed emblematic glyphs for the infinity capitol.The ascending-worlds tree embodies the upward mobility that higher education affords urban youth.

Worlds of Knowledge Tree

​El Centro College, Dallas, TX

"Anyone can take the simple and make it complex; true creativity is when you take the complex and make it simple", Charles Mingus

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Scents of Place

Truth In the Vine

Kathryn Hall Winery, Napa Valley, California 

Hall Vineyards are dedicated to making the finest Cabernets and Merlot wines; In the Vine ​calls to the traditional Tuscan vintners proverb,

"the grapes make the juice, but the vines make the wine."