To The Sky

An introductory history about the creation and enjoyment of Michelle O'Michael's light tower sculptures in Arlington, Texas. In this film 9 months of making sculpture becomes 1.25 minutes of glorious sculpture.

Recent Installs

Light Flight

​A pure light show enjoyment from Michelle O'Michael's iconic towers sculpture Flamme d'Illuminacion in Arlington, Texas.

Beauty, joy and wonderment are at the core of this film.

Path To Trust

Michelle takes you on a visual quest from the inspiration to the actualized Trust sculpture. You will see the transformation from a 10-foot plaza sculpture to a 4-story monumental work. It begins with the CAD-CAM and ends with the sculpture installed at night.

Flamme d'illumination, Arlington, Texas

Moon River, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The dramatic installation of Michelle O'Michael's Moon River. The sculpture represents a crescent moon over a tranquil, but powerful, river cascade. Moon River reflects the inspiration of flowing energy.

Trust, Dallas, Texas

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A Conversation With Kay Sarver

An in-depth interview of Michelle O'Michael about being and becoming an artist with Houston artist and documentarian Kay Sarver. Michelle and Kay explore the purposes and processes of Michelle's work.  

Michelle O'Michael, Artist 

​Featured Videos

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Working at the Studio

Michelle O'Michael introduces you to her core sculpture process. This insight video lives in the essence of "less is more".

About Michelle

Speaks To You

Michelle O'Michael speaks directly to the viewer about who she is, her becoming an artist and the fundamentals of her art. A must see for the first time O'Michael viewer.

"Anyone can take the simple and make it complex; true creativity is when you take the complex and make it simple", Charles Mingus

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