Michelle Welding Sculpture,

O'Michael Studios, Houston, Tx

Trust,Assembled during fabrication

Campos Sheet Metal, Houston, Tx

Our Studio @ "The Foundry"

Trust, Foundation Install

Preston Center Plaza, Dallas, Tx

Flamme d'illumination, Technical Drawing

O'Michael Studios, Houston, Tx

The Guardian,​ Firefighters installing sculpture

Fire Station #6, Frisco, Tx

​​O'Michael Studios, Inc. Executive Team

​​ - Michelle O'Michael, Artist and Business Director ​


 - Stephen Archer, Technical Partner and Director of Operations


Installing Flame d'illumination

Abrams St, @ ​City Hall Arlington, Texas

Flamme d'Espiore, being restored

O'Michael Studios, Houston, Tx

Trust,​ Unloading large element

C&G Coatings, Houston, Tx

Michelle, On Flame d'illumination foundation plinth

Abrams St, @ ​City Hall Arlington, Texas

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"Anyone can take the simple and make it complex; true creativity is when you take the complex and make it simple", Charles Mingus

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Flame d'illumination, light ring galvanized

Southwest Galvanizing Houston, Texas, Texas

Galleries & Representation

Craighead -.Green Gallery

1101 Dragon St.

​Dallas, TX  75207



O'Michael Studios, Inc.

1414 Hardy St.

Houston, TX 77026