​​Michelle O'Michael

Moon River, Michelle O'Michael

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, TX

She utilizes her steel work heritage to create  spirals and arches to capture life and nature. She explores the interaction of mass, structure, space, surface, shadow and volume through quality of line in 360 degrees. Her objective is to make forms speaking to man’s primal response to beauty. 

​​Michelle O'Michael creating steel

​O'Michael Studio, Houston, TX

​​Michelle O'Michael and technician roll-forming steel

O'Michael Studio, Houston, TX

Michelle O'Michael comes from the West Texas Chihuahuan Deseret; a place spotted with cacti, steel-rig trees and pump-jacks. Her sculpture continues that vision of big blue skies punctuated with iron and steel.  She has combined this vision with her family heritage of a coal mine blacksmith grandfather and recreational painter father to become a professional sculptor.  She brings this heritage together through steel work.

Mother and Child, Michelle O'Michael

Baylor Women and Children's Hospital, Dallas, TX

Michelle O"Michael standing on top of a Flammes d'illumination foundation plinth

City Hall, Arlington, TX

​​Michelle O'Michael inspecting Arlington Tower fabrication

Campo Sheet Metal, Houston, TX

​​Michelle O'Michael creating sculpture

O'Michael Studio, Houston, TX

"Anyone can take the simple and make it complex; true creativity is when you take the complex and make it simple", Charles Mingus

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