Flame d’ Espoire
Wortham Center, Houston, TX
For multiple years, this woven steel sculpture was installed at the Wortham Performing Arts Theatre during the Holiday Season. The bright colored lights set against the bustling background of downtown Houston expresses the public joy of the Season.

“She is the artist who asked our (the Frisco Firefighters) opinion and incorporated it in to her design; that is important to us”, firefighter and paramedic Matt Graham speaking on why The Guardian has become the personal sculpture of the entire Frisco Firefighting force.

Steel Remembers 

Katy Trail, Dallas, TX

Commissioned to remember the vitality and joy of the life of Lauren Huddleston by her brother and friends.  The energetic physicality of the sculpture captures Lauren's approach to life, a life given in the pursuit of her harmony. 

​Mother and Child 

Baylor Women and Childrens Hospital, Dallas, TX

Mother and Child is a memorial to Dr. Kemp Strothers and the hospital's work with women and children. It depicts the entwined relationship between mother and child, their DNA linkage and the care the hospital gives. It is located at the admittance entrance and has become the go to “selfie spot” for the majority of women at their expectancy.

Celebrating Life

The Guardian
Fire Station #6, Frisco, TX
Commissioned to by the City of Frisco as part of their art in public spaces program. Michelle consulted with a committee of firefighters to determine their cultural values and incorporated them this inverted obelisk shield. Using cortin® steel and glass the sculpture declares the strength, fragility and duty of the firefighters.

"Anyone can take the simple and make it complex; true creativity is when you take the complex and make it simple", Charles Mingus

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